Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February 14 (a day for the exchange of tokens of affection)

So in case you were wondering, this Friday is the day to exchange tokens of affection.  Not today, not tomorrow, but Friday.  That is the official Valentine's Day.  Now for those of you out there who just have absolutely no interest in exchanging tokens of affection or participating in the all out love fest that will be occurring, I understand.  BUT, I own a business that benefits greatly from folks exchanging tokens of affection, be it a card, a candle, a piece of chocolate, whatever.   If the feeling so strikes you, I encourage you to buy locally.  Now, although the grocery and drug stores are local they are not owned by your friends and neighbors, the same friends and neighbors that donate to all of the local fundraising efforts that happen in our small five town area.  AND I believe that because  our lives are so busy and hectic that we often don't take the time to exchange these tokens of affection, even a hug or an I love you can go a long way on a cold winter day.  SO why not stop by and pick up one of the sweetest cards you'll ever read, the sweetest chocolate you will ever eat (complete with a love poem enclosed), or the sweetest candle you'll ever burn and make sure to tell the ones you love the true strength and depth of your affection!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fun in the Big Apple

Mom and I went on a whirlwind trip to the New York International Gift Fair and found some wonderful items to add into our mix at the shop.  With the closure of two stores in town after Christmas it became obvious where the holes would be for our loyal customers.  We did a lot of shopping in the handmade section and one of the orders we are expecting is from Eco Kids (from Maine).  This a family run business that produces all natural art supplies.  We ordered paint, dough, crayons and most exciting all natural Easter Egg dye, (and the colors are gorgeous).  This company is a lot like ours and operates with a philosophy much like ours so we couldn't be more thrilled.  Stay tuned for the next blog about the FABULOUS VEGAN RESTAURANT that we dined at.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Well Happy New Year!!!

We here at Vermont HoneyLights want to thank all of our wonderful customers, new and old, who chose to shop small this year and support our business and give all US made gifts and 100% beeswax candles.  We can not express our thanks enough.  It is because all of you that we can continue to do what we love.  Some changes have occurred on the Main Street in Bristol and we have lost more stores and with this we look forward to the year ahead and how we, as a business in town, can continue to offer Bristol and beyond products and services that we all actually need and use.

We are very excited to be getting in some new baby items to round out our small, but adorable, offering, including throws & onesies made from recycled materials right here in the USA.  Whether it's pirates, farmyards, rubber duckies or owls, this line is sure to please.

 We started carrying The Root Studio (Addison, VT) before Christmas and had a wonderful response to these adorable hand made owls and look forward to expanding our selection of precious gifts for your precious little ones.

Curly Girl Design continues to thrill us with 8 new designs this year already, also new notepads and journals.  They will be here momentarily and we hope that anyone looking for a special card will stop by and peruse a while.  Between Curly Girl and Erin Smith, you should find a card for everyone you wish.

Coming soon....Why does my co-op carry paraffin candles?  Stay tuned.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Settling in....

 There is no doubt that Autumn is upon us and my internal clock is telling me the same thing.  As I look around my house I realize all of the projects that I had saved for the summer did not get done.  Painting the windows, staining the house, even keeping the lawn mowed was a challenge this year.  Aside from accepting what I didn't get to over the summer (hey, my life is busy), I really enjoy this time of of year.   The nights are cooler, the colors are vibrant, the house feels cozier...If you have never been to Vermont, this is a great time to come.  The apples are crisp, the corn AMAZING and the colors spectacular.  Bristol is a charming place to visit or stay.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


It's back to basics with 100% beeswax honeycomb candles. We have been partnering with Garnet Hill for the past few years to bring their customers our beautiful and all natural candles. This type of partnership is integral to what we at HoneyLights are trying to do. Sharing our knowledge about beeswax and its many benefits to a customer base as large as Garnet Hill's is truly an honor for us. Check out their selection and much more at www.vermonthoneylights.com.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our new website is LIVE!!!

So we couldn't be more excited to have our new website up and running...we have even gotten orders!!! We hired a web person to help us create a site that felt a little more like our store. If you remember correctly our old site was just categories of candles all shot separately (very boring) and not shown in context with anything else. The fun thing about our new site is that we shot groupings that were directly out of our store and hopefully something that you could see in your own homes...(or at least parts). It is amazing how different a candle can look even if you just give it some height in a footed bowl or compote. I love the picture here...I love the artwork in the back...the tray...the ottoman it was shot on and of course the candles are wonderful too. What I really love about it is how all of the different elements compliment the next. Even one or two of these candles on a tray, along with fresh flowers would make a gorgeous centerpiece or coffee table adornment. Whenever I am shopping or looking through magazines or spending time in other people's houses I am always looking for little elements that I could incorporate into my own home and of course the store. I love my house and my kitchen but it's all of the little things around that I have collected that really make it my home. Check out some of the other shots at our website.... www.vermonthoneylights.com.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Life on Main Street....

Things are kind of quiet these days in downtown Bristol, VT. We are now nestled between two empty store fronts, across the street from another and have heard talk of yet another store closing this Spring. We are all very concerned about our local economy but continue to hope that it has more to do with our incredibly snowy and cold winter, then it does to the fact that our friends and neighbors are suffering financially. There is opportunity in Bristol...it is not a get-rich-quick type of plan but the intrinsic rewards are endless and honestly that is what we are going on right now. Next time you are heading through town, stop in and say hi! Until then, THINK SPRING! We will be as we exhibit at the Flower Show in Essex during the first weekend of March. Come smell the flowers, dirt, mulch and start planning your garden for the summer.